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Workshop on web scraping for beginners

CSS Amsterdam ( is organizing a free workshop on data scraping. This is a technique to extract large amounts of data from the web. For example, automatically collect all articles of an online newspaper or blog.

No prior experience with data scraping is required. However, participants must have basic knowledge of Python.

The workshop will cover:

- Basics of HTML and Javascript

- Static and dynamic websites

- HTML requests methods and APIs

- Libraries: requests, selenium, beautifulSoup

During this workshop you will work in a Python notebook to get hands-on experience with scraping.

After this workshop at 15:00 we will continue with an advanced seminar in data scraping, where we will discuss common problems with data scraping. The participants are welcome to stay to join this meeting too, to learn more advanced data scraping techniques.

Please subscribe via this link. We will maintain a maximum of 20 participants.

Date: 13th December 2018

Time: 10 – 14:30

Room: JK1.26

Requirement: basic knowledge of python


Organized by: CSS Amsterdam (


Published by  AISSR

29 November 2018