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The SECURCIT research group, in cooperation with gate48 and De Balie, is organizing a series of events on security mobilities, with a film screening on the Israeli military occupation in Palestine and a public lecture on new security realities.

Wednesday, September 10, 20.00: Film screening and Dutch premiere: ‘The Lab’

This investigative documentary reveals how the Israeli military occupation in Palestine has become a business rather than a burden. With Q&A with the filmmaker Yotam Feldman. Registration: register for the film screening. Students will receive a discount.

Thursday, September 11, 13.00-15.00: Workshop Security Mobilities

Presentations on security mobilities between Israel, the Americas, Europe and Africa. Admission is free.

Thursday, September 11, 16.00-17.00: Public Lecture by Prof. Carolyn Nordstrom (University of Notre Dame), “Cybershadows: New Security Realities in a Digital World”

The emerging realities of violence, security, and peace are obscured in shadows. Amid conventional technologies, over one hundred countries have cyber-armies, research escalates on weaponizing synthetic DNA, brain-computer interfaces have long since been hacked, and security must now deal with nano-technologies. DIY garage bio-hackers join computer hackerspaces in equaling nation-state developments. The world has already been redefined; studies show key ethical/legal/social resources to understand, much less meet, these challenges lag dangerously behind.  The social sciences may prove to be more relevant than ever now.
Registration: admission is free, but please register by sending a mail to: lecture is followed by drinks.

Friday, September 12, 11.00-13.00: PhD Masterclass with Carolyn Nordstrom

Registration is required since there are limited places available. Please send an email to if you would like to participate. Admission is free and lunch is included.


SECURCIT is an ERC financed research project that provides an anthropological study of how citizenship is being reconfigured through hybrid forms of security governance. It researches these transformations by focusing on public-private ‘security assemblages’, with particular emphasis on the role of the private security industry. In cities across the world, citizens increasingly rely on an interconnected ‘assemblage’ of public and private security providers, in which the police collaborate with private security firms, neighborhood watch groups and even vigilantes. 

Location: Film screening / De Balie

Location: Workshop Security Mobilities / University Library, Potgieterzaal

  • Universiteitsbibliotheek

    Singel 425 | 1012 WP Amsterdam
    +31 (0)20 525 2301

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Location: Public lecture by Prof. Carolyn Nordstrom / Oudemanhuispoort, OMHP A0.08

  • Oudemanhuispoort

    Oudemanhuispoort 4-6 | 1012 CN Amsterdam
    +31 (0)20 525 3361

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Location: PhD Masterclass with Prof. Carolyn Nordstrom / University Library, Potgieterzaal

  • Universiteitsbibliotheek

    Singel 425 | 1012 WP Amsterdam
    +31 (0)20 525 2301

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