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Dealing with diversity in care

18Jan2017 13:30 - 17:00


The growing diversity in society due to past and present migration, offers new challenges in organizing and providing long-term care. How to recognize diverse care needs and how can or should professionals and policies respond to the changing of society?


  • 13.30. Welfare bricolage in super-diverse cities in Europe
    Keynote: prof. dr. Jenny Phillimore, professor of Migration and Superdiversityand director of the Institute for Research into Superdiversity
  • 14.30 Pauze
  • 15.00 workshops
    1) De spanning tussen informele en formele zorg: transmigratie en hulpverlening in Vlaanderen.
    Dr. Mieke Schrooten. (voertaal Nederlands)
    2) Recognising care needs of elderly migrants: a geography of care perspective.  
    Dr. Roos Pijpers (Radboud Universiteit) (voertaal Engels)
    3) Dilemma‚Äôs in de zorg: in gesprek met de praktijk.
    Met medewerking van o.a Fenna Verhoeven van Cordaan en Suleyman Gogus (directeur/eigenaar Sensa zorg) (voertaal Nederlands)
  • 16.15 Panel discussion: Between mainstreaming and superdiversity: challenges for professionals and policies
    Prof. dr. Jenny Phillimore, Prof. dr. Jan Willem Duyvendak (UvA), prof. dr. Halleh Ghorashi (tbc) (VU), prof. dr. Arnoud Verhoeff (UvA)
  • 17.00 drinks

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