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Rivke Jaffe presents the work of Stuart Hall

AISSR Great Thinkers Seminar Series

25Apr2017 15:30 - 17:00


In this fifth edition of the Great Thinkers, Rivke Jaffe introduces the work of cultural theorist Stuart Hall, discussing on his seminal work on the relations between politics and culture. In particular, she will focus on his critical insights on the politics of popular culture, and on race and racism in the context of political and economic crisis.

She will also emphasize his thought and practice regarding the public role of academics.

About Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall (1932-2014) has been one of the most influential scholars to approach popular culture as a site of ongoing struggle. Born in Jamaica but based in the UK from 1951, Hall was one of the founders of British cultural studies, combining insights and methods from the social sciences and humanities. His individual and collective publications underline the role of popular culture – from television and music to advertisements and news photography – in processes of social and political change, and address a broad range of issues, including the politics of identity, diaspora aesthetics and the dismantling of European welfare states. As a public intellectual, his life and work have also been critical in shaping ideas on the societal role of academia and theory.

Rivke Jaffe

About Rivke Jaffe

Dr. Rivke Jaffe is Professor of Cities, Politics and Culture at the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies and the Centre for Urban Studies within the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research. Prior to joining the UvA, she held teaching and research positions at Leiden University, the University of the West Indies, and the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV).

Her anthropological research focuses primarily on intersections of the urban and the political, and specifically on the spatialization of power, difference and inequality within cities. She is interested in how urban problems such as poverty, crime and environmental degradation are linked to social differentiation along lines of ethnicity, class and gender. 

About the Great Thinkers Seminar Series

AISSR members present the work of a great thinker in the field of social sciences immersing us in key features of the social science canon and ‘Great Thinkers’ and exploring contributions across disciplinary lines. Staff members, PhD students and others interested can attend the public lecture. For AISSR PhD students the lecture can be followed by a PhD seminar with a second discussion of key readings of the respective thinker. How can you use these readings in your own research project? 


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PhD Seminar

This lecture is followed by a PhD seminar on 2 May, 10.00-12.00.

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