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Street gangs and security policies in El Salvador

IDS Lecture Series: Conflict, Security and Development

30Nov2017 15:00 - 18:00


Dr Chris van der Borgh (Utrecht University ) tackles street gangs in El Salvador, which have become one of the country’s main security challenges over the last 25 years. Street gangs generally have a presence in the marginalized neighborhoods, villages and hamlets, where they claim or pursue a kind of ‘territorial control’.

This lecture discusses the factors that explain the emergence of street gangs and looks at how gang power is experienced by local residents. It also discusses the ways in which governments and non-state actors have responded to this new security challenge – at the national and the local level-  and the debate between different stakeholders about the question what is the best way to deal with gangs. 

About the lecture series

The IDS Lecture Series: Conflict, Security and Development is offered by the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies of the University of Amsterdam.

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