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The Politics of Travel Control from the Cold War Era to the Present

Workshop with Moshik Temkin, Associate Professor of History and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

02May2017 16:00 - 17:30


Organised by the Amsterdam Centre for Political Thought with the generous support of ACCESS Europe.


This workshop addresses the history of the rise, over the course of the twentieth century but especially in the Cold War period, of interconnected law, policy, politics, and practice that allowed the United States, France, and other Western governments to monitor, control, or stop the international political activism of citizens and groups, as a means to solidify control and leadership of the global political arena.

It grapples with issues that have captured public and political attention in recent years, from the so-called Surveillance State to the continued use of border and travel restrictions by many countries.

Lastly, it focuses on the ways in which the travel control and surveillance policies of the Cold War era have carried over to our own day, particularly in the era of Trump, Brexit, and the so-called retreat from the Global.

A paper by Professor Temkin on these issues will be pre-circulated to participants.

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