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Translating STS to Security Sites

25June2018 09:30 - 19:00


We are delighted to announce a full day workshop on “Translating STS to Security Sites”.

An increasing number of scholars in Critical Security Studies is taking up concepts, themes and methods broadly associated with Science-and-Technology Studies (STS) and Actor-Network-Theory (ANT). These approaches help us grasp the socio-material fabric of international politics. They have increasingly proved inspirational for research focusing on security practices.

This fruitful redeployment of STS concepts and tools to sites of security, nonetheless, raises considerable questions. How do we translate STS to be useful in new domains? What are the stakes and challenges when we bring insights drawn from STS to bear on the study of security sites? How can we redefine and rethink the conceptual terminologies of STS to make them attuned to researching controversies in de-bounded, secretive, and profoundly political environments?

In this workshop we aim to further this discussion with scholars who have been engaged in developing and deploying new approaches to thinking about security politics. We are happy to welcome among others, Nisha Shah (University of Ottawa), William Walters (Carleton University), Anna Leander (Copenhagen Business School), Louise Amoore (Durham University), Debbie Lisle (Queen’s University Belfast), Jef Huysmans (Queens Mary University) and Kai Koddenbrock (University of Duisburg-Essen).

Further Information

Location: Haarlem Library

The full program can be found underneath. If you are interested in joining, or would like to receive further information, please contact Tasniem Anwar (

Translating STS to Security Sites is organized by Tasniem Anwar (MSc/LLM), Dr Rocco Bellanova and Prof. Marieke de Goede, as part of ERC Consolidator Grant project FOLLOW: Following the Money from Transaction to Trial (CoG—682317). For more information, see

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