Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)

Social Scientists and artists worked together to create the comic Beauty

28 July 2017

Imagine a corporate group working hard for setting the next trends for the modelling industry, add a group of angry, anti-system students who have decided to change the way the industry is oppressing us with beauty diktats... this webcomic will make the aesthetic and anti-aesthetic worlds collide to highlight their similarities as well as their contradictions.

In her ERC (European Research Council) funded project The Sociology of Beauty Giselinde Kuipers, Professor of Cultural Sociology, studied how beauty standards are socially shaped. In particular she and her research team focused on the modelling industry and identified the central mechanisms through which such beauty standards are developed and disseminated.

The project ERCcOMICS, also funded by the ERC, brought artists and researchers from the Beauty project together to create a comic and exploit the power of visual storytelling to innovate the way science is communicated. They have now finalised the 10 chapters of the comic on Beauty.

Published by  AISSR