Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)

Impact story: have the voices of citizens heard

4 December 2017

Many people are excluded from decision-making processes and do not participate in public debates. Urban planner Nanke Verloo reaches out to these groups and helps them to have their voices heard with the aim to make local and national governance more inclusive for all.

In her research, Verloo studies urban conflicts between citizens and policymakers, such as conflicts about the use of public space, community activities or social identities. She regards conflicts as opportunities to gain insights: people mobilise and express themselves, governments formulate actions and have an opportunity to engage citizens who are invested in the cause. 

Verloo analyses the stories that are told by different groups in times of conflict. How do people see and frame an issue and their position in it? How can these relatively small stories be turned into public stories and be included in the public debate?

Published by  AISSR