Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)

Political Economy and Transnational Governance (PETGOV)

Political Science

Ongoing trends towards transnational integration of markets and economic transactions are giving rise to far-­ reaching transformations of governance both within and beyond the nation-state. The Political Economy and Transnational Governance (PETGOV) programme group focuses on the drivers, dynamics, and consequences of these epochal developments in political and economic life. It brings together political scientists whose research agendas are rooted in the fields of political economy, public policy and/or international relations, while drawing on diverse theoretical and methodological traditions. What binds us together is an abiding interest in addressing some of the biggest political problems of our time - finding a path to more equitable, democratic and peaceful relations within and between polities ­ by describing, explaining and evaluating these transnational transformations of political economy and governance.

Published by  AISSR

26 November 2018