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The APRILab researchers periodically produce different deliverables to finalize important steps in the research project. The most important deliverables are shared here, ordered by working package.

Working Package 1

  • Policy Redaction Note: A positioning of the APRILab research project in the European policy and research landscape. Download
  • Cases Descriptions: A thick description of all cases that are studied in APRILab. Download
  • The Urban Living Lab: Guidelines for the application of living lab methods in APRILab. Download

Working Package 2

  • Intervention Dilemma Descriptions: The first dilemma that is researched in APRILab is the intervention dilemma. This document provides a thick description on the manifestation of this dilemma in the cases, and how different actors perceive and deal with this dilemma. Download
  • The minutes and conclusions of the interactive workshop on the intervention dilemma which toke place in IJBurg with a network of stakeholders on June 2014. Download 

Working Package 3

  • Regulation Dilemma Descriptions: The second dilemma that is researched regards the regulation dilemma. The regulation dilemma report gives a thick description of this dilemma in the cases of Amsterdam and Istanbul (Copenhagen will be added subsequently). Download   
  • Regulation Dilemma Denmark. The Danish cases of this report have previously been described in the APRILAB report that focused on intervention dilemmas (Savini, Salet, & Markus, 2014).  Download   

Working Package 4

  • Investment Dilemma, Denmark. Download
  • Investment Dilemma, The Netherlands. Download
  • Policy Reccomendations: the document contains the reccommendations for municipal governments with regards to the selected case studies in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Aalborg and Helsinki. Download

Published by  AISSR

13 June 2016