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Ms O. (Oana) Druta MSc

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    GPIO : Urban Geographies
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    REC BC
    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  Room number: B4.16
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Oana Druta

is a PhD candidate at the Center for Urban Studies, Department of Geography, Planning and International Development, University of Amsterdam.  
Oana's PhD research, part of the ERC funded HOUWEL project, focuses on the role of housing property in shaping family and individual welfare arrangements in different welfare regime contexts. It seeks to answer the following questions:     

  • What is the meaning that individuals attach to owning a home as this form of tenure has become normalized, yet increasingly difficult to attain? 
  • How do families approach home ownership as a means to meet goals unrelated to shelter - such as asset investment and achieving capital gains?
  • How does family owned property function in inter-generational exchanges of shelter, wealth, and assistance in kind?


2009 - 2011  Master of Urban and Regional Planning,  University of Michigan, USA

2005 - 2009  Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Culture, Major in Anthropology,  University of Tsukuba, Japan

Research and Teaching

2011-2012  Urban Regeneration of Historic Neighborhoods, a Design Brief for the Traian Neighborhood, Bucharest. Research supported by the Romanian Order of Architects
2010-2011 Graduate student instructor and Research assistant at the University of Michigan, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Awards and Scholarships

2011   Distinction for Exceptional Service to Taubman College and the Urban and Regional Planning Program at the University of Michigan.

2009 - 2011   Raoul Wallenberg Scholarship awarded by University of Michigan , School of Architecture and Urban Planning 

2004 - 2009   Monbukagakusho Scholarship awarded by the Japanese Government, Ministry of Education and Science


§ Druţă Oana (2011). Lessons from a public participation session. International Journal of Communication Research, 1(2), 180-182


Druţă Oana (2011). Atelierul Interdisciplinar Buzeşti - Berzei: Vocea tinerilor în urbanism (Interdisciplinary Workshop Buzesti - Berzei: The voice of the young generation in planning). Revista Arhitectura - Journal of the Romanian Union of Architects, No. 2/2011

§ Druţă Oana (2012). Regenerare Urbana Integrata in Tesut Istoric Protejat - Cartier Traian (Integrated Urban Regeneration of Historic Neighborhoods - The Case of the Traian Neighborhood, Bucharest). Revista Arhitectura - Journal of the Romanian Union of Architects, No. 1/2012

§ Druţă Oana (2012). Effectiveness of Government Intervention on Land and Housing Markets: Beyond the Reaches of Prudent Legislation. Proceedings of the European Network of Housing Research Conference, Olso, 2012


  • Druta, O., & Ronald, R. (2017). Young Adults’ Pathways into Homeownership and the Negotiation of Intra-Family Support: A Home, the Ideal Gift . Sociology, 51(4), 783-799. DOI: 10.1177/0038038516629900  [details] 


  • Chelcea, L., & Druta, O. (2016). Zombie socialism and the rise of neoliberalism in post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe. Eurasian Geography and Economics, 57(4-5), 521-544.


  • Dewar, M., Seymour, E., & Druță, O. (2015). Disinvesting in the city: the role of tax foreclosure in Detroit. Urban Affairs Review, 51(5), 587-615. DOI: 10.1177/1078087414551717  [details] 


  • Coenen, C., Drain, J., Druta, O., Holman, G., Kang, T., Kitjakarnlertudom, P., … Twardy, J. (2013): 2013 American Planning Association, Student Project Award for Applied Research.



  • Ronald, R., & Druta, O. (2016). How Changes in Housing, Homes and Households are Reshaping Urban Japan. (Asia Research Institute Working Paper Series; No. 249).
  • Manzo, L. K. C., Druta, O., & Ronald, R. (2016). Supported Home Ownership and Adult Independence in Milan: The Gilded Cage of Family Housing Gifts and Transfers. (HOUWEL Working paper series; No. 11).
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