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Dr J.Y. (Julian) Gruin

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    Programme group: Political Economy and Transnational Governance
  • Visiting address
    REC BC
    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  Room number: B8.07
  • Postal address:
    Postbus  15578
    1001 NB  Amsterdam

Julian Gruin is an assistant professor (UD) of transnational governance at the University of Amsterdam. A political economist, his research concentrates on global financial governance, Chinese political economy, and the evolving nature of power in the global economy. 

For further details of his current projects, publications, and teaching, please refer to his website


  • Gruin, J. Y. (Accepted/In press). Communists Constructing Capitalism: Between State and Market in China's Financial Development. Manchester University Press.


  • Gruin, J. Y., Xu, J., & Knaack, P. (2018). Tailoring for Development: China's Post-Crisis Influence in Global Financial Governance. Global Policy. DOI: 
  • Gruin, J. (2018). Financial centres and RMB internationalisation: prospects for a post-American monetary order? In S. S. F. Regilme, & J. Parisot (Eds.), American Hegemony and the Rise of Emerging Powers: cooperation or conflict (pp. 60-75). (Routledge Global Cooperation Series). London: Routledge. [details] 


  • McNally, C. A., & Gruin, J. Y. (2017). Novel Pathways to Power? Contestation and Adaptation in China's Internationalisation of the RMB. Review of International Political Economy, 24(4), 599-628. DOI: 10.1080/09692290.2017.1319400  [details] 


  • Gruin, J. Y. (2016). The social order of Chinese capitalism: socio-economic uncertainty, communist party rule and economic development, 1990–2000. Economy and Society, 45(1), 24-50. DOI: 10.1080/03085147.2016.1143724  [details] 


  • Gruin, J. (2015). Contesting the Liberal Imaginary? China's Role in the International Monetary System. In L. Toohey, C. B. Picker, & J. Greenacre (Eds.), China in the International Economic Order: New Directions and Changing Paradigms (pp. 189-210). New York: Cambridge University Press. [details] 


  • Gruin, J. Y. (2014). Asset or Liability? The Role of the Financial System in the Political Economy of China's Rebalancing. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, 42(4), 73-104.


  • Gruin, J. Y. (2011). ‘Freedom’ Through Repression: Epistemic Closure in Agricultural Trade Negotiations. Review of International Studies, 37(5), 2465-2490. DOI: 10.1017/S026021051000152X 


  • Gruin, J. (2016). ESRC Future Research Leaders Fellowship.


  • T Mariappan, A. S. (2018). Spatial and occupational mobility of plantation labour in Malaysia: Retrenchments, outmigration and closure of plantations, 1951-2012 [details] 


  • Gruin, J. Y., & Knaack, P. (2017). From Shadow Banking to Digital Financial Inclusion: Regulatory Framework Negotiations between China and the FSB. Blavatnik School of Government.
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