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AMCIS Seminar: Ethnic and socioeconomic inequality in education

Parental involvement in comparative perspective - by Jan O. Jonsson (University of Oxford)

23Nov2017 14:00 - 15:00


Students of disadvantaged socioeconomic background and of immigrant origin often share in poorer school achievement but the former group have low aspirations while the latter typically show high aspirations.

In this AMCIS seminar, Jan O. Jonsson (Oxford University) asks whether family relations can account for this difference, as academic values and family cohesion are comparatively greater in immigrant families. Jonsson contributes new knowledge by distinguishing between immigrant versus socioeconomic background effects on aspirations; and by examining the role of two aspects of family relations: academic socialisation (parental involvement) and family tension.

Immigrant families

Jonsson uses CILS4EU data from nearly 10,000 pupils aged 14–15 in England, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, eliciting indicators of family background and relations in wave 1 (2011) and occupational aspirations in wave 2 (2012). His results confirm that immigrant families have lower tensions and stronger involvement. These factors also predict higher occupational aspirations, but the mediating effect is rather weak (around 7%).

About Jan O. Jonsson

Jan O. Jonsson is Official Fellow of Nuffield College at Oxford University and Professor of Sociology at the Swedish Institute for Social Research. His main research area is social stratification, such as studies of intergenerational processes and inequality in opportunity and in living conditions. Social mobility and the class structure, educational inequality, poverty, family, ethnic inequality and integration, as well as children's wellbeing are his fields of my interest. Since 1998 he is the director of the Swedish level of living survey, and since 2009 the Swedish PI for the international study CILS4EU, on ethnic integration of young people.

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