Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)

Renegotiating Class, Gender and Ethnicity in a Gentrifying Neighborhood

By Bahar Sakizlioglu (ARC-GS Visiting Scholar and Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Researcher)

21Feb2018 11:45 - 13:00


This lunch lecture will examine the link between gender and gentrification. Dr. Sakizlioglu's focus will be on the gentrification experiences of low-income women living and working in gentrifying neighborhoods.

Based on in-depth interviews and participant observations in a gentrifying neighborhood in Amsterdam, namely the Indische Buurt, Sakizlioglu discusses the gentrification experiences of three groups of women. Sakizlioglu firstly focuses on how the material and affective labor of low-income ethnic minority women plays a crucial role for ethnic enterprises to economically survive gentrification. Secondly, Sakizlioglu underlines the important role of some non-gentrifier mothers involved in diversity work at a neighborhood school, thus mothering the gentrifying neighborhood. Lastly, Sakizlioglu will talk about the experiences of women engaged in ‘public housekeeping’ as caretakers of the disadvantaged groups in this gentrifying neighborhood. Sakizlioglu will conclude by underlining the need to approach gentrification from a feminist perspective to reveal and alter gendered, classed and racialized inequalities involved in gentrification.

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Attendance is free of charge, and lunch will be provided by ARC-GS.

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