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Constructing Gender Indexes: Applied Feminist Anthropology in Experiences in Africa (UN-ECA) and Indonesia

By Saskia Wieringa (Chair of Gender and Women's Same-sex Relations Crossculturally)

27Mar2018 11:45 - 13:00


What does an anthropological toolkit offer to construct a gender index?

In Prof. Wieringa‚Äôs feminist anthropological career, Wieringa always used qualitative methods. Yet Wieringa constructed the African Gender Development Index, which after having been implemented in 40 African countries, is now being revised. This effort will be combined with the work of the African Development Bank on a gender index, to become one index, the African Gender Index. Generally, an index is constructed by a team of economists and statisticians. In this case one anthropologist and one statistician did the work. In this seminar Wieringa will discuss involvement in working with gender indexes, the principles on which Wieringa has worked -  denouncing western biases, women's agency and empowerment, and democratisation of statistics.  Wieringa will start with the 1995 (Beijing Conference on Women), where the UNDP introduced its first gender indices, describe work for the UN Economic Commission for Africa to construct a specifically African gender index, and then focus on the socio-legal index Wieringa designed in Indonesia.

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