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Science in exile. Film screening on researchers in flight from war

16Jan2018 17:00 - 18:30


For four scientists in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, war has had a profound, personal reality: laboratories damaged, universities closed, colleagues disappeared or killed. They dream of science in a time of peace.

'Science in Exile' explores how recent conflicts forced them to suspend their work and flee their homelands. It details their journey to find safety and an opportunity to resume their research. They share a common dream: To return home, in a time of peace, and use their skills to help rebuild.

The film screening will include a panel discussion led by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Lead Education Specialist Cornelius Hacking.


No registration required. This is a free event.

Be sure to view the trailer of the film and click attending on the facebook event

Location: Roeterseiland Campus, Building A, Room 2.06

  • Roeterseilandcampus - building B/C/D (entrance B/C)

    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166 | 1018 WV Amsterdam
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