Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)

WeConsumeEnergyInTheCity - Challenging our current energy habits

Documentary theater video screening and discussion

23June2018 24June2018 11:00


Is the way we currently consume energy in the city sustainable? The documentary video screened during this event challenges this.

CODALoop Amsterdam in collaboration with a group of students from the UvA Master’s program Theater Studies have created a documentary theater video to challenge the way we currently consume energy in our city. By employing the theatrical technique known as verbatim theater, the video collects the testimonies of diverse groups of Amsterdammers and their energy consumption habits. By using the exact words of the people interviewed, this visual document creates an experimental narrative that captures, as a snapshot, how energy is consumed in Amsterdam in 2018. Join one of the video screenings and the discussion afterwards with the actors and the researchers behind this project. 


CODALoop researchers:

  • Beatriz Pineda Revilla, MSc
  • Prof. Luca Bertolini
  • Prof. Karin Pfeffer
  • Federico Savini, PhD

Screening times and venue 

There are four screening times, two on Saturday and two on Sunday.

  • Saturday 23 June, 15-16hrs
  • Saturday 23 June, 17-18hrs
  • Sunday 24 June, 11-12hrs 
  • Sunday 24 June, 12-13hrs

The screenings take place at De Meevaart, Balistraat 48A, Amsterdam. 

WeMakeThe.City Festival

This event is part of the WeMakeThe.City festival, a festival that makes cities better. The festival takes place from 20 untill 24  June, all over Amsterdam. More information is available at the WeMakeThe.City website.

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