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Cities & Mobilities Seminar with Jennie Germann Molz is online

19 December 2017

The guest lecture given by Jennie Germann Molz during the third Cities & Mobilities Seminar 'Cities, Tourism & AirBnB' is now available online.

Recording of 'Cities, Tourism & AirBnB' Seminar

In the third seminar, we focussed on the impact of tourist mobilities on cities and paid particular attention to AirBnB. Guest speaker Jennie Germann Molz (Associate Professor of Sociology at the College of Holy Cross, Massachusetts) provided a talk on  “Sharing the City: Tourism Mobilities, Network Hospitality, and the Politics of Scale”.

Sharing the City

As tourists increasingly turn to peer-to-peer hospitality networks such as Airbnb to arrange homestays in urban destinations, they unlock experiences of the city that span the private enclaves of hosts’ homes and the public spaces of the city. For better or for worse, these platforms are disrupting urban transportation and hospitality industries, with critical repercussions for local economies, for urban planning and housing policy, for permanent residents who inhabit the city, and for the temporary visitors who come and go. In this talk, Jennie reviewed current and recent research on Airbnb in urban settings to explore the implications of network hospitality for urban transformation across the scales of private and public spaces.

Jennie Germann Molz

Jennie Germann Molz is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the College of Holy Cross, Massachusetts. Her research interests include tourism mobilities and mobile technologies; hospitality and the ethics of welcoming strangers; global citizenship, home, and belonging; food, consumption, and identity; and mobile methodologies. She is co-editor of the journal Hospitality & Society. Her publications include Travel Connections: Technology, Tourism and Togetherness in a Mobile World (Routledge) and Disruptive Tourism and its Untidy Guests: Alternative Ontologies for Future Hospitalities (Palgrave Macmillan). She is currently researching families who take their children out of school and 'roadschool' them while traveling the world.

Jennie Germann Molz Cities & Mobilities

Click here for the recording of “Sharing the City: Tourism Mobilities, Network Hospitality, and the Politics of Scale”

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