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Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research

Alle beelden in de linkerkolom zijn afkomstig van Hollandse Hoogte.

  • Pictures Home page: Teun Voeten (Arabic man) and Marcus Koppen (Skyline Dubai)
  • Pictures News & Events page: Luca Zanetti / laif
  • Pictures About the AISSR page: El Ali / Agentur (village in Laos) and Roel Burgler (Girl with her brother)Jonathan Kingston (Man with Cowboy head)
  • Pictures Programme Groups page: Stuart Franklin / Magnum (Mexico City) and Ron Haviv / VII (Girl with doll)Pictures Research page:James D. Morgan / Rex Features (Sunset Australia) and Jane Mingay / Polaris (Old man).
  • Pictures PHD Training page: Michael Zumstein / Agence (Houses in water) and VuEric Bouvet (Man in refugeecamp)
  • Pictures Publications page: Ellen Kok (American landscape)and
  • Pictures Staff page: Marcus Koppen (Crossing in Japan) and Dave Tacon (Woman with cell phone).
  • Pictures Contact page: Peter Hilz (Amsterdam city Centre) and Thomas Schlijper (woman on bike)