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GSSS Master and external courses

Courses fitting the individual PhD candidate's needs and featuring skills and topics that complement personal expertise and contribute to the project, under the condition that the programme group approves this participation.

Courses from the (Research) Masters Social Sciences  

The agreement between AISSR and GSSS regarding the participation of AISSR PhD in GSSS Master courses:

  • AISSR PhDs may participate in selected courses in all three GSSS Research Master programs and in the one-year Master programs;
  • Once or twice a year AISSR will distribute a list of the courses that are open for PhDs (poster below);
  • To participate in a GSSS course, a SIS registration is mandatory. If you have not yet requested permission to apply for a doctorate degree, please contact your department secretariat ASAP;
  • Master students have priority, i.e. if courses are full PhD students may not be able to participate;
  • The participation of AISSR PhDs in Research Master courses is “free”. PhD students external to the AISSR do have to pay (contractonderwijs).

If you would like to participate in a GSSS Master course, please discuss this with your supervisor and contact Alix Nieuwenhuis (

Other Course Options    

PhD candidates may suggest other courses than those offered in the AISSR-GSSS programme or research masters of the GSSS to the promotor. These will also be registered in the PhD Trajectory plan and formally approved by the directors of AISSR and GSSS. These could concern courses organised by other research schools like Nethur and CERES. These courses will have to  be financed from the programme group budgets.

The PhDs taking advantage of this opportunity have to: gain approval from their supervisor / be registered as students, also in SiS / participate fully, i.e. also complete attendance requirements and are not allowed to “audit” Master courses / inform AISSR about the course they would like to follow and not contact GSSS Lectures directly.

GSSS Master Courses available for AISSR PhDs

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