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Methods crash courses-AISSR Flying Circus

Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research / AISSR

The Methods Expertise Center of the AISSR offers the following crash courses, which are now open for registration.

If less than four people are interested in a course, we try to direct them to other institutions or we give them personal advice rather than organizing a crash course, though. Our courses are for free for AISSR members and open to a limited number of Research Master students and teachers who are not AISSR members.

Atlas.ti introduction {Gerben Moerman}
31.03    10:00-13:00 (Zoom)

Topics: getting started, translating research questions to technical questions, basic explanation of the software, code-retrieve, using the network tool.

Atlas.ti advanced {Gerben Moerman}
31.03   14:00-17:00 (Zoom)

Topics: coding and annotating video and audio; queries; setting up team analysis; advanced use of network.

Introduction to R {Jeroen Bruggeman}
25.05  14:00-17:00  (perhaps in a room by that time)

Topics: data handling and visualization; statistics (regression, longitudinal panel models); simple text analysis
Make sure to have R installed prior to the workshop.

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Registration will be final after our confirmation that you can enroll in the course.
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