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Advanced Social Science Theory Course

This course is focused on key concepts in the social sciences, and based on the reading of old and modern classics. The aim of the course is to stimulate participants to reflect on - and reconsider - the theoretical premises that guide their own research

The concepts that will be discussed are likely to play up in any research project, but it is for the students to figure out what light they shed on their particular projects.The course is thus broad in one sense, but at the same time specific by translating key concepts to PhD research projects.

The course is organized in 12 meetings with a maximum of 15 students. Each meeting will consist of an introduction by the lecturer, followed by a close reading of selected texts. Participants will prepare weekly discussion sheets for the course. You will be expected to have a basic understanding of social science key concepts.The study load is estimated on 1 day per week. Successful completion of the course will be based on reading, participation in discussions and the 1-page discussion sheets. You will be expected to attend all sessions in this course. 

This course is lectured by Annelies Moors, Ewald Engelen, Justus Uitermark and Abbey Steele and offered in the first and in the second semester.

You can register for the course by sending an email to: The course is equal to 12 ECTS.

Dates and time

Wednesday 13 February               10:00-12:00

Wednesday 20 February               10:00-12:00

Wednesday 27 February               10:00-12:00

Friday 8 March                                10:00-12:00

Friday 15 March                              10:00-12:00

Friday 22 March                              10:00-12:00

Friday 29 March                              10:00-12:00

Friday 5 April                                   10:00-12:00

Friday 12 April                                10:00-12:00

Friday 17 May                                 10:00-12:00

Friday 24 May                                 10:00-12:00

Friday 7 June                                  10:00-12:00