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This conference aims to explore the relationship between collective identities and the integration of State Powers in the European Union.

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Start date 12 December 2018
End date 14 December 2018
Time 09:00

Several transformative processes - in particular the Euro crisis, the Schengen crisis, and the deteriorating security environment beyond the EU’s borders – have shed light on the role of mutual solidarity in European integration. In fact, scholarship on the integration of Core State Powers (such as foreign defence, social policy and taxation) has often stressed the importance of collective identity bonds to facilitate and legitimise supranational institution building.

However, several questions remain to be addressed: to what extent are collective identities a condition to push forward integration of core state powers, and what are the sources of European collective identities? Do different policy areas require different forms of collective identities? Is the tension between collective identities and integration of core state powers a purely European phenomenon, or we do observe similar trends in other regional organizations too?

In answering these questions, we bring together leading scholars in political science, sociology, law, history, economics and neuroscience to discuss the relationship between identities and integration of core state powers both from a theoretical perspective and from a field-specific perspective. The research presented at this conference will contribute to a forthcoming special issue of Journal of Common Market Studies on “Collective Identities and integration of Core State Powers”.


De Balie, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam.


If you want to register for the conference, please send an email to Gijs van der Starre,

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