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The visual is often central in thinking and doing race, both in academia and in society at large. In this conference we aim to move beyond this ocularcentrism to explore how race is made and unmade through all of the senses. While scholarship on the senses has been flourishing across the social sciences and the humanities, hardly any attention has been paid to the senses in relation to race and racialization.

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Date 24 September 2018
Time 09:30 - 17:30

Therefore, we want start to think race beyond ocularcentric vision by asking what is race made to be if we are to shift our focus to e.g. smell, taste, or sound? How do these senses interfere with vision? What kinds of configurations of sameness and difference do the different senses bring about? But also, how does race affect what we come to know as sound, or touch or any other senses? Raising these questions we are wary of essentialising either race or the senses. We thus want to situate and decenter both race and the senses by multiplying the senses in our interrogation of race and denaturing race while probing the senses. 

We are very happy to welcome contributions from, among others, Alana Lentin (Western Sydney University); Francio Guadeloupe (University of Amsterdam/University of St. Martin); Geertje Mak (Radboud University); meLê Yamomo (University of Amsterdam); Pooyan Tamimi Arab (Utrecht University); Andrea Wojcik and John Nott (Maastricht University); Paul Mepschen (University of Amsterdam); Wayne Modest (Research Centre for Material Culture); Sruti Bala (University of Amsterdam); Chiara de Cesari (University of Amsterdam).


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