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Picture this: you have done all the hard work. A journal sent your manuscript our to review. Now the editors have made a decision and sent it back to you. Good news: its not a rejection! But here’s the catch: the editors have lengthy letter with guidance, accompanied by even longer letters from anonymous reviewers. Some of their comments are helpful, others not. What do you do now?

Event details of How to Respond to Reviewers: A Panel Discussion with Journal Editors
Date 22 April 2021
Time 10:00 -11:00

This panel discussion will aim to demystify the process of publishing in academic journals by guiding attendees in the art of responding to reviewers’ comments. How do I balance competing suggestions? Who do I listen to most? Can I push back against criticisms I don’t like? We’ve brought in the editors from three leading journals in different sub-fields to offer answers to these questions, and others our attendees might have to ask.


Polly Pallister-Wilkins (Geopolitics)

Daniel Mügge (Review of International Political Economy)

Darshan Vigneswaran (European Journal of International Relations & Migration Politics)


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