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Annelies Moors (AISSR, UvA) and Yafa Shanneik (University of Birmingham) organize an exploratory workshop about the Global Dynamics of Shia Marriages at the University of Amsterdam as part of the ERC project ‘Problematizing “Muslim Marriages”: Ambiguities and Contestations’.

Detail Summary
Start date 24 August 2017
End date 26 August 2017
Time 00:00

This pioneering international workshop on Shia Marriages brings together researchers working on Iran, Oman, Lebanon, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ghana, the UK, Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The workshop focuses on various strands of Twelver Shia Islam – defined by doctrinal differences or following different sources of clerical authority, the legal and ethical practices, rituals and everyday lived experience – and investigates how different forms of Shia marriage are debated and concluded.

We recognize that the boundaries between Sunni and Shia Islam are not stable, but constructed, reproduced and transformed, not least through and in the field of marriage. Whether particular kinds of marriage are deemed more or less conventional, such as temporary marriages or mixed marriages, is highly contextual, depending on time and place, on the parties involved, and on whose point of view one adopts.

Workshop topics

For this workshop, we discuss the global dynamics of Shia marriages in relation to economic, political, and cultural processes of change, such as:

  • New forms of wealth and precarity that affect gender and generational relations, including Islamic concepts such as ‘the male provider’ and the dower.
  • Changing communal relations, both with other Muslims and non-Muslims, that reproduce, solidify or transgress particular kinds of boundaries.
  • Increased mobility and immobility, growing transnational networks (including social media) and increased state surveillance.
  • New aesthetic styles, commodification and the cultural politics of marriage, from dating practices to the celebration of weddings.


This is a semi-closed workshop with pre-circulated papers. If you are interested in attending, please send an email to