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A survey titled “Parents and Children in the Netherlands” conducted by the UvA and Statistics Netherlands (CBS) outlines the consequences of events such as divorce, as well as new relationships and the introduction of step and half siblings to the family for the relationships among the family members. With an increase in the amount of divorces since the 1970s, more complex families exist in the Netherlands and research into these issues is highly topical.

From the UvA, researchers Matthijs Kalmijn, Katya Ivanova, Ruben van Gaalen, Suzanne de Leeuw, Kirsten van Houdt and Maaike Hornstra were involved. Their research was recently published in the European Sociological Review.

For a longer discussion of the research, please see the website of Statistics Netherlands below, as well as comments by the researchers and notes on the innovative ways in which the research dealt with privacy-related issues.