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José Komen, who recently left the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research as its executive director, has received the Stapenning honorary medallion. José Komen received this medallion because of her great efforts for the university, and especially for her important role in the realization and growth of the AISSR, as well as its setup and involvement in international research networks, ánd her commitment to diversity.

During her farewell ceremony early September, José Komen received the medallion from Jan Lintsen, member of the Executive Board of the UvA.

About José Komen

After graduating in Cultural Anthropology in 1988, José Komen started her career at the UvA at the Postdoctoral Institute for Social Science (PdIS). She played an important role in the merge of the PdIS and the Center for Asian Studies Amsterdam (CASA) into the first research school in the Netherlands: the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research (ASSR) with founding fathers Prof. Abram de Swaan, Prof. Jan Breman and Prof. Joop Goudsblom.

Within the ASSR, Komen developed into a committed and skilled manager who always took the scientific content as the starting point. This philosophy played a decisive role in the formation of a strong international research community and in the creation of important research networks outside Europe, particularly with India, China and Indonesia. José was also closely involved in the realization of funding for refugee researchers. In addition, she advocated for diversity policy, with a special focus over the past ten years on strengthening the role of women in higher positions in the faculty.

About the Stapenning

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) awards the distinguished Stapenning honorary medallion to individuals who, either as employees or otherwise, have demonstrated exceptional service to the University, as well as played an active role in social and executive spheres. Honorary medallions are awarded for distinguished and exceptional service.

About the Stapenning