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An international consortium coordinated by the University of Amsterdam will investigate the effect of legal and extra-legal measures on the civil society sector in Bangladesh and Zambia under the NWO-WOTRO programme.


NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development programmes, funds and monitors innovative research on global issues. NWO-WOTRO research projects are realised by interdisciplinary teams of researchers from the North and South and in close collaboration with non-academic stakeholders. These partnerships should strengthen the bridge between research, policy and practice. “The research we are going to do may serve as a source of inspiration for evaluating existing government policies and reconsideration of existing strategies for political advocacy” comments Luc Fransen, associate professor of International Relations and consortium leader.


The consortium will carry out a comparative study of civil society organisations in Bangladesh and Zambia. It will also produce blogs, research reports and policy recommendations. “The first interest in this research was sparked when I did extensive work on the topic of nongovernmental arrangements that are active in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, promoting worker rights and sustainable development in the global supply chains of multinational corporations – which fueled my interest in this topic” says Luc Fransen.


The consortium is a cooperation of the UvA with partners from Norway, Bangladesh and Zambia.

dr. L.W. (Luc) Fransen

Luc Fransen

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