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Amade M'charek has been awarded the Emma Goldman Award; the award is a recognition for scientific research on inequalities combined with public outreach.

The first Emma Goldman Awards have been awarded on February 13th at a ceremony at the Vienna Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) by Mieke Verloo, Chair of the FLAX Foundation. One of the recepients was prof. M'charek. The following text was read about her work and accomplishments by chair Mieke Verloo: “Amade M’charek is one of the very rare scholars who look into the ir/relevance of race in science and society simultaneously. Her entry point for this is forensics and forensic anthropology. In her research, she adds a much needed and new perspective where she looks at race, gender and sexuality; where she studies how differences along racialised, sexualised and gendered lines are made, and displayed, and how they function as a base for societal inequality and injustice. She has initiated a chair, seminars, research programs and successfully funded projects to enable these lines of study, creating many opportunities for other, often younger scholars. Her very many public outreach activities are testimony to her public spirit and engagement, and they include reaching out to art, through her contributions to exhibitions. She is also Chair of the Stichting Drowned Migrant Cemetery (, a foundation that is committed to setting up a dignified cemetery for drowned migrants in Zarzis, in her native Tunisia.”

Prof. dr. A.A. (Amade) M'charek

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group: Anthropology of Health, Care and the Body