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The ChemicalYouth project is a proud supporter of Poppi, an Amsterdam based museum that aims provides the public with the complete and unbiased story of drugs in a creative and novel way.

Poppi: Drugs Museum Amsterdam reveals a never before seen photo archive to the general public with their month-long pop-up event, Dutch Drug Stories. Held in the heart of Amsterdam in het Vrij Palais, Dutch Drug Stories will draw you in with award-winning photographs from the Dutch drug scene spanning from the 1990s to now, in a raw and confronting way. The event also includes guided tours of the Red Light District, debates, film screenings (all corona-proof) and much more. The exhibit is open from the June 26th to July 26th.

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Chemical Youth

ChemicalYouth, funded by an ERC Advanced Grant, finds overlap with Poppi with the main focus on researching drugs and an interest in knowledge translation through visual methods. The researchers carry out a comparative ethnography with the aim of understanding what chemical and pharmaceutical substances, and not only illicit narcotics, ‘do’ for young people. Contemporary youths’ everyday lives are filled with chemicals and pharmaceutical compounds to boost, amongst others, pleasure, moods, sexual performance, or health. The questions that ChemicalYouth tries to answer are: How are chemicals a part of their everyday lives? What role do they play in calming their fears or in achieving their dreams and aspirations? How can we understand the ways in which chemicals affect their bodies and minds?

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For more information about the museum and tickets: All profits of the museum flow back to initiator Mainline Foundation, promoting the health of people who use drugs through social projects at home and abroad.


H.K. (Hayley) Murray

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group: Anthropology of Health, Care and the Body