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Externally funded projects

Results: 1 - 10 of 10
Results: 1 - 10 of 10
  • A Longitudinal Investigation into the Effects of Deliberative Quality of Political Debates in the Media on Political Trust in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium)

    Within the public and scholarly debate concerns have been expressed repeatedly about the negative influence of the media on the democratic process. Moving from public to media logic, ‘programs in the public interest’ are replaced by ‘programs the ...

  • Asylum theory for a non-ideal world

    What duties do states have towards refugees? What is the basis of such duties? And what kind of global regime is best able to protect refugees without unfairly burdening states?

  • Crisis of trust, crisis of democracy? The consequences of low and declining political trust on the quality of representative democracy

    Low and declining political trust have been a prime concern of scholars, politicians, and opinion leaders across the globe for more than four decades. As high levels of political trust are widely assumed to be a necessary precondition for ...


    The EU (Marie Curie) funded INTEGRIM research training programme aims to establish a multi-site network of early stage researchers (predominantly PhD students) at the eight partner institutions fostering a multidisciplinary research career on ...

  • Legitimacy Beyond Consent

    Confronting Transnational and Supranational Power Structures.

  • Muslim Politics and Governance of Islam: Interactions of Structure and Culture in Multireligious Europe

    The societal backdrop for this project is the post-war influx of non-Western migrants to countries in Western Europe, and the increasing cultural heterogeneity that followed. Since the 1990s, and even more following 9/11, phenomena connected to ...

  • Reassessing the ‘control gap’ debate. The making of family migration policies in France, Germany and the Netherlands, 1955-1985

    For more than fifteen years, there has been a lively debate among migration scholars in Europe and North-America about how to explain the paradox that large-scale settlement has taken place in Western States over the last fifty years, even though ...

  • Sub-national context and radical right support in Europe - SCoRE

    This NWO funded project aims to provide the first comparative survey of local radical right support in four Western European countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom).

  • The boundaries of solidarity: multi-level governance and redistribution

    This project seeks to understand people’s readiness to redistribute locally, nationally or supranationally, by analyzing how collective identities, generalized trust, national frames and decentralization influence preferences for redistribution ...

  • The Democratic Challenge: Shifting Responsibility and Electoral Volatility

    Over the past two decades, Western societies have witnessed two major transformations that have significant consequences for the role of parties in representative democracies. The first is the substantial diminishment of the role of national ...