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Institutions, Inequalities, and Life courses (IIL)

Institutions, Inequalities, and Life courses (IIL) Finished Seminars 2013

Place and Time: East Indies House B 0.19 15.30 - 17.00

The group Institutions, Inequalities, and Life courses (IIL) meets biweekly to present and discuss work in progress.

At every meeting a PhD candidate, a staff member or a guest speaker gives a short introduction to a paper they are currently working on which is followed by the comments of a pre-assigned discussant. The floor is then open for a roundtable discussion. Copies of the papers are sent out prior to the meetings.

For more information about the seminars or if you’d like to be put on the mailing list, please, contact Stephanie Steinmetz  (   

Seminar 1 28th January, 2013

  • Author(s): Jeroen Bruggeman,  V.A. Traag and Justus Uitermark
  • Title: Detecting Communities through Network Data

 Seminar 2 11th  February 2013

  • Author(s): Marii Paskov, Klarita Gërxhani and Herman van de Werfhorst
  • Title: The Relationship Between Income Inequality and Social Status Anxiety

Seminar 3 25th February 2013

  • Author(s): Pascale I. van Zantvliet, Matthijs Kalmijn and Ellen Verbakel 
  • Title: Out-group dating among immigrant adolescents in four European countries 

Seminar 4 11th  March 2013

  • Author: Neda Delfani 
  • Title: Housing, Pensions and Poverty 

Seminar 5 25th of March, 2013

  • Author(s): Janna Besamusca  (, Kea Tijdens, Maarten Keune, and Stephanie Steinmetz 
  • Title: The role of institutions in shaping the labour force participation rates of women of different ages 

Seminar 6 8th of April, 2013

  • Author(s): Martin Olsthoorn (   
  • Title: Employer-side drivers of precarious employment - an analysis of the demand-side drivers of low-paid flexible jobs, using Dutch employer employee matched data 

Seminar 7 22nd of April, 2013

  • Author(s): Katia Begall (, Daniela Grunow 
  • Title: Mother’s re-entry into the labour force after first and second childbirth 

Seminar 8 13th of May, 2013

  • Author(s): Gert-Jan Veerman (, Jaap Dronkers 
  • Title: Ethnic composition of schools and school performances in secondary education of Turkish migrant students in 8 countries and 19 European educational systems 

Seminar 9 3rd of June, 2013

  • Author(s): Thijs Bol (, Herman van de Werfhorst, and Tom DiPrete 
  • Title: Education and technology: Income inequality in comparative perspective 

Seminar 10 17th of June, 2013

  • Author(s): Uwe  Uhlendorff (   
  • Title: A study on the development and transformation of family concepts in situation of transition 

Seminar 11 24th of June, 2013

  • Author(s): Marleen Damman (, Kène Henkens, and Matthijs Kalmijn 
  • Title: Getting used to a life without work: The role of life histories in the retirement adjustment process