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Results: 1 - 6 of 6
Results: 1 - 6 of 6
  • European and Transnational Governance - Jean Monnet Chair

    The EU sponsored Jean Monnet Chair project aims to strengthen and increase the visibility of European integration studies within the University and city of Amsterdam, and to stimulate excellence in research, teaching, and reflection on the EU ...

  • Governance as Learning

    The key question of this NWO funded research programme is whether these shifting governance arrangements, horizontally through power- and policy-sharing agreements with social partners and vertically through international arrangements based on ...

  • GREEN: Global Re-ordering: Evolution through European Networks

    This EU funded (FP7) project will study the current and future role of the EU in an emerging multi-polar world through a programme of stock taking, multi-disciplinary research and complementary activities. It aims at a better understanding of the ...

  • Human-rights Promotion and Peacemaking

    This NWO funded project explores whether and under what conditions promotion of human rights helps or hinders conflict resolution in practice.

  • Political entrepreneurs and civil wars

    This project is funded by the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF).

  • Towards a social theory of corporate governance: interaction, incentives and information in private and semi-public managerial decision-making

    In this, NWO-VENI funded, project Eelke van Heemskerk aims to develop a social theory of corporate governance.