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ELITES: pathways to success

Programme group Institutions, Inequalities, and Life courses (IIL)

The projects study success trajectories and intergenerational social mobility in the second generation and among peers of non-immigrant ancestry in major European cities.

Period: spring 2012- fall 2014 

Research in the field of Migration Studies has predominantly focused on immigrants (and their children) with poor educational credentials and the lowest labor market positions. ELITES addresses the successful children of immigrants and by analyses differences in the pathways, resources and individual strategies that have contributed to occupying a successful position in society. ELITES will also focus on how the successful group provides support from their privileged position to their personal networks and the wider community.

Research design 

Pathways to Success is a consortium of researchers and research projects at university institutes in seven European countries.

The different projects do not follow a single unique research design, but study similar questions adapted to national and local contexts (please see country pages for details). Pathways to Success nevertheless has a strong comparative focus – across cities and second generation groups in one country, but also internationally. 

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