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PhD Programme

Contactpersons PhD Candidates

Programme Managers

Programme managers assist PhD in administrative processes:

  • Evelien Oomen (525 4087 /  Challenges to Democratic Representation /  Transnational Configurations /  PETGOV
  • Jeske de Vries (525 2235) /  Institutions, Inequalities & Life Courses / Political Sociology / Cultural Sociology
  • Janus Oomen (525 5388 /  Health, Care and the Body / Globalizing Culture / Moving Matters 
  • Puikang Chan (525 4148 /  Urban Geographies / Urban PlanningGeographies of Globalizations / Governance and Inclusive Development

PhD Confidential Counsellors

This functionary has as task to help in solving issues that might arise in the professional context of a PhD and his/her supervisor(s). As such it is distinct from the tasks and roles of the supervisors, the PhD representatives and the AISSR secretariat. The counsellor is a fellow scientist yet not a close colleague of the supervisor, and does not have a supervising relationship with the PhD-candidate .

Given this position, the confidential counsellor can help sort out problems with supervision of a different kind, like practical or personal, that may develop in the context of the supervision structure. The counsellor can offer a listening ear,  can give advice, and if the candidate in question considers this useful, the counsellor can play a  mediating or negotiating role. 

  • Rineke van Daalen (formerly located at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology):
  • Anne Loeber (located at the Department of Political Science):
  • Nicky Pouw (located at the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies):

Please note that PhD candidates are expected to first try to sort out problems in consultation with their (daily and/or formal) supervisor, programme director, PhD representative and/or programme manager. Additionally, at department level there are  confidential advisors in case of harassment and intimidation. 

PhD Representatives 

Each programme group selects a PhD representative. They represent all PhD Candidates in the PhD Sounding Board with AISSR and GSSS Management. The representatives advise AISSR and GSSS Management on PhD-related issues and for this purpose they make inventories of such issues. They also facilitate meetings at programme group level between PhDs and intellectual community oriented activities like discussions of papers and Seminars/Lectures. They introduce new PhD and are the primary point of contact for PhD related issues.


Programme Group


Charlotte Albers

Sociology – “Political sociology”

Suzanne de Leeuw and Marina Tulin

Sociology – “ILL” and

Phie van Rompu

Sociology – “Cultural Sociology”

Annerienke Fioole

Anthropology - “Globalizing”

Andie Thompson and Chia-Shuo Tang

Anthropology - “Health, Care and the Body” and

Ilan Amit

Anthropology – “MoMat”

Ellis Aizenberg and Hannah Werner

Political Science - “Challenges” and

Daniel DeRock

Political Science - “PETGOV”

Barbara Koole

Political Science - “Transnational”  

No PhDs at the moment

GPIO - “GoG”


Malin Olofsson


Daan Bossuyt

GPIO - “Urban Planning”