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AISSR Dissertations 2021

Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research / AISSR

Wiersma, J. (2021). Spatial conditions for car dependency in urban areas.

Welfens, N. P. M. R. (2021). Categories on the move: Governing refugees in transnational admission programmes to Germany.

van Houdt, K. L. (2021). Stepfamilies in adulthood: Solidarity between parents and children.

van Heijster, J. (2021). China & GDP: Unraveling the country’s complex relationship with a powerful indicator.

Sossa Rojas, A. P. (2021). Bodies, societies, and culture: Practices, meanings, and embodiment in fitness gyms in Santiago, Chile and Amsterdam.

Shio, J. M. (2021). Navigating fugitive geographies: Care, kinship, and class among homosexual men in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Sangraula, M. (2021). Cultural adaptation, implementation, and analysis of a task-sharing group-based psychological intervention in Nepal.

Rice, W. S. (2021). Change begets change: Employing a change perspective to inform South Africa’s coastal community conservation policy-praxis disjuncture.

Rajagopal, C. (2021). An entrepreneurial state in India? Investigating public-private partnerships, incomplete contracts and risks in the transport infrastructure sector.

Nel·lo Deakin, S. (2021). More than bike lanes: Recognising the physical and social characteristics of urban cycling environments.

Musariri, L. (2021). Becoming cornered: Migration, masculinities and marginalisation in inner-city Johannesburg.

Miranda Sara, L. R. (2021). Knowledge building in configuring metropolitan water governance: Water-related climate risk scenarios, governance networks, concertacion processes and territorialities in Lima, Peru.

Masardi, R. D. (2021). Independent refugee youth in waiting: Social navigations while in transit in Indonesia.

Mai, T. T. N. (2021). Legality first: Vietnamese immigrants in Germany, legalization practices, and the intimate experience of legality.

Klarenbeek, L. (2021). Relational integration: From integrating migrants to integrating relations.

Hasan, S. (2021). Making waves: Reimagining policy transfer in the context of development cooperation.

Glaser, M. A. (2021). From global ideas to local action: Building capacity to reshape urban transport policy.

Girling, R. A. (2021). Studying 'up' in migrant entrepreneurship: Privileged migrant entrepreneurs in Wroclaw, Poland.

Forster, A. G. (2021). Navigating educational institutions: Mechanisms of educational inequality and social mobility in different educational systems.

Fioole, J. C. C. M. (2021). Publicity, discretion, and secrecy through becoming a Moroccan couple.

Dinmohamed, S. S. (2021). Dominican flavours in a new context: Homemaking and food practices of Dominican immigrants.

de Leeuw, S. G. (2021). The intergenerational transmission of educational attainment after divorce and remarriage.

Dekker, M. J. T. (2021). Politicizing street harassment: The constitution of a public problem in the Netherlands and France.

Davidson, R. J. (2021). Consensus social movements: Strategic interaction in Dutch LGBTI politics.

Bossuyt, D. M. (2021). Governing the right to build: The institutional dynamics of self-build housing in Brazil and the Netherlands.

Babic, M. (2021). State transformations in the global political economy: The rise of transnational state capital in the 21st century.

Alloul, J. (2021). Leaving Europe, navigating access: Status migration, traveling habitus, and racial capital in Euro-Maghrebi mobilities to the United Arab Emirates.

Aizenberg, E. (2021). Lobbying alone: A study of political access and lobbying behavior of corporations in Western Europe.