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Ms S. (Sabine) van der Greft MSc

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
GPIO : Urban Geographies
Photographer: onbekend

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  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
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  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
    1018 WV Amsterdam
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    Current research

    Multiple Disadvantage of Older Immigrants and Older 'Natives' in Deprived Neighbourhoods in Amsterdam

    Ageing and international migration are major demographic processes in many Western European countries. Both processes have a common foundation in societal modernisation, economic growth, and globalisation and influence the age and ethnic composition of national populations as well as the demographic structure of European cities. The combination of ageing and international migration and the spatial manifestations of both might coincide with the development of serious urban social problems related to deprivation, social exclusion and quality of life. However, so far only limited knowledge has been developed regarding the older migrant population and the urban conditions they live in and how these compare to those experienced by older native residents. This research intends to understand processes of multiple disadvantage of different groups of older non-western immigrants in relation to their life and residential histories and neighbourhood change. The project fits within the broader themes of 'ageing and international migration', 'multiple disadvantage' and 'changes in neighbourhoods' and builds on research into patterns of social exclusion of ethnic groups in Amsterdam. 

    The PhD-project is supervised by prof. dr. S. Musterd, dr. J.C. Droogleever Fortuijn and J.F.C.M. Thissen.

    Research group: Urban Geographies  

    Scientific publications

    • Greft, S. van der & J. Droogleever Fortuyn (2013) Multiple Disadvantage of Older Immigrants and older 'Natives' in Deprived Neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. Work in progress.
    • Greft, S. van der, S. Musterd & F. Thissen (2013) Residential Dynamics and Neighbourhood Conditions of Older Immigrants and Older 'Natives' in Amsterdam. Work in progress .  
    • Greft, S. van der. (2010) De zangvogelsport in Suriname: Lokale liefhebberij of cultureel erfgoed? OSO Tijdschrift voor Surinamistiek en het Caraibisch gebied 29 (2): 202-220. 
    • Greft, S. van der (2008) Haantjes en Hooligans: Sport, identiteit en nationalisme in Suriname. Een kwalitatief onderzoek naar voetbal en zangvogelsport (Roosters and Hooligans: Sport, identity and nationalism in Suriname. A qualitative study of soccer and singingbird-competitions). Master Thesis, Utrecht University, 2008. 

    Other publications

    • Greft, S. van der & F. Thissen (2013) Niet-westerse ouderen in gedepriveerde buurten. Work in progress.


    • July 2010: IGU/UGI Regional Conference, Tel Aviv/Israel. 'Bridging Diversity in a Globalizing World'. Contribution: Older Immigrants and Non-migrants in Amsterdam: Residential Dynamics and Ethnic Concentration.
    • June 2009: Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, Leiden/Netherlands. 'Sport en natievorming in Indonesie en Suriname'. Bijdrage: Voetbal, identiteit en politiek in Suriname.


    • PhD candidate at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR), University of Amsterdam
    • Master's degree Cultural Anthropology, Utrecht University (Cum Laude)
    • Bachelor's degree Communication Management, Utrecht University of Professional Education


    • Atlas.ti voor gevorderden (Kwalon/Evers Research), 2012
    • English Writing (Nethur CC3), 2012
    • Publishing (Nethur), 2012
    • Short Intensive Course on Neighbourhood research (AISSR, University of Amsterdam), 2011
    • Basiscursus didactische vaardigheden (Centrum voor Nascholing Amsterdam), 2010
    • Qualitative Research Methods (Nethur CC6), 2010
    • Research Design (Nethur CC2), 2009
    • Urban and Regional Research (Nethur CC1), 2009


    • Nominee for Nalacs Thesis Award 2009, Netherlands Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, The Netherlands.
    • Winner of the Nieboer Thesis Award 2008, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.
    • Winner of the Baak Award 2004, De Baak/Scompany Communications Consultancy.  


    • Kwalitatieve Methoden van Onderzoek: interviewtraining en interviewanalyse (Bachelor Sociale Geografie en Planologie)
    • Leeronderzoek Sociale Geografie (Bachelor Sociale Geografie en Planologie)
    • Oefenen met Wetenschap: Schriftelijk Rapporteren en Mondeling Presenteren (Bachelor Sociale Geografie en Planologie)
    • Steden in Noord en Zuid (Bachelor Sociale Geografie en Planologie)
  • Publications


    • van der Greft, S., & Droogleever Fortuijn, J. (2017). Multiple disadvantage of older migrants and native Dutch older adults in deprived neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: a life course perspective. GeoJournal, 82(3), 415-432. [details]


    • van der Greft, S., Musterd, S., & Thissen, F. (2016). Residential dynamics and neighbourhood conditions of older migrants and native Dutch older adults in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Ageing and Society, 36(1), 189-218. [details]


    • van der Greft, S. (2010). De zangvogelsport in Suriname: lokale liefhebberij of cultureel erfgoed? Oso, 29(2), 202-220. [details]


    • van der Greft, S., & Thissen, F. (2013). Niet-westerse ouderen in gedepriveerde buurten in Amsterdam. Geron, 15(1), 40-42. [details]
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