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Dr. M.B. (Michelle) Parlevliet

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group: Transnational Configurations, Conflict and Governance

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  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
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    1001 NB Amsterdam
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    Michelle Parlevliet is an associate researcher affiliated with the research program group Transnational Configurations, Conflict & Governance, after serving for three years as Assistant Professor Conflict Resolution & Governance (Sept 2016-2019). Her research has long focused on the relationship between human rights and conflict resolution in theory and practice as it plays out in specific country settings, in relation to particular issues (e.g. communal conflict, natural resources, national human rights institutions, transitional justice, and displacement), and as affected by the policies, politics and institutional architecture of development cooperation. She worked on these issues as a practitioner in various capacities and contexts for some twenty years, providing facilitation, training, research and technical assistance to multiple organisations and networks at grassroots and senior policy-making level in Southern and East Africa, South and South-East Asia, and Western Europe, and capturing insights in academic and professional publications. She holds a PhD in law (UvA, 2015) and MA degrees in Political Science (UvA, 1996) and International Peace Studies (Univ. of Notre Dame, 1995). Her dissertation, Holding Concurrent Realities. Revisiting the Relationship between Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, was awarded the 2016 Max van der Stoel Human Rights Award for best human rights dissertation. Its 'reflective practice' methodology was lauded by the jury as innovative and insightful, amongst other things. 


    Dr. Parlevliet has widely published on human rights and peacebuilding/conflict transformation/conflict resolution; national human rights institutions; civil society engagement in conflict prevention; and transitional justice. Her work has appeared in edited volumes published by Routledge, Kluwer, Syracuse University Press, Berghof Conflict Research and others, and in various journals including peer-referreed ones. See 'publications' for details.

    Work experience

    Dr. Parlevliet served as senior conflict transformation adviser for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nepal (2006-2009) and also worked at the Centre for Conflict Resolution in South Africa (1999-2005), the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (1997) and the Prosecutor's Office of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (1996, 1998). She has consulted for the World Bank (Indonesia), the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN System Staff College, the International Council for Human Rights Policy, the Northern Ireland Parades Commission, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, German development agency GIZ and various non-governmental organisations. Prior to joining the UvA, she worked as postdoc on a project on human rights and peacebuilding at the Centre for Resolution of International Conflict at Copenhagen University. 

    Professional Affiliations

    Amongst other things, Michelle serves on the Board of international peacebuilding NGO Conciliation Resources; the Editorial Board of the Journal of Human Rights Practice; the Advisory Committee of the Prince Claus Fund's Cultural Emergency Response programme; and on the International Advisory Board of the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict (University of East London).


    Human rights and Peacebuilding Project, Centre for Resolution of International Conflict (Copenhagen University) Conciliation Resources Cultural Emergency Response, Prince Claus Fund Journal of Human Rights Practice Transnational Configurations, Conflict and Governance
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    • Parlevliet, M. (2018). The Transformative Potential of Human Rights in Conflict Resolution. In C. Fuentes Julio, & P. Drumond (Eds.), Human Rights and Conflict Resolution: Bridging the Theoretical and Practical Divide (pp. 16-40). (Global Institutions). London: Routledge. [details]


    • Parlevliet, M. (2017). Human Rights and Peacebuilding: Complementary and Contradictory, Complex and Contingent. Journal of Human Rights Practice, 9(3), 333–357. [details]
    • Parlevliet, M. B., & Roesdahl, M. (Eds.) (2017). Special Issue on Human Rights and Peacebuilding. Manuscript in preparation.
    • Roesdahl, M. (Guest ed.), & Parlevliet, M. (Guest ed.) (2017). Breaking the Silos: Linking Human Rights and Peacebuilding. Journal of Human Rights Practice, 9(3), 333-549. [details]


    • Eijkman, Q., & Parlevliet, M. (2016). Mensenrechten in Conflict. In G. E. Frerks, B. A. de Graaf, & E. R. Muller (Eds.), Conflict: Over conflict en conflictbeheersing (pp. 397-422). (Handboeken Veiligheid). Deventer: Wolters Kluwer. [details]


    • Parlevliet, M. (2017). Briefing Note: Human Rights and Conflict Transformation. United Nations. [details]


    • Parlevliet, M. (2011). Connecting Human Rights and Conflict Transformation. Guidance for Development Practitioners. Eschborn: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Sector Programme „Peace and Security". [details]
    • Parlevliet, M. (2011). Human rights and conflict transformation: towards a more integrated approach. In B. Austin, M. Fischer, & H. J. Giessmann (Eds.), Advancing conflict transformation: the Berghof handbook II (pp. 377-404). Opladen/Farmington Hills: Barbara Budrich. [details]


    • Parlevliet, M. (2010). Holding concurrent realities: reflection on the responses. In V. Dudouet, & B. Schmelzle (Eds.), Human rights and conflict transformation: the challenges of just peace (pp. 105-113). (Berghof handbook dialogue series; No. 9). Berlin: Berghof Conflict Research. [details]
    • Parlevliet, M. (2010). Rethinking conflict transformation from a human rights perspective. In V. Dudouet, & B. Schmelzle (Eds.), Human rights and conflict transformation: the challenges of just peace (pp. 15-46). (Berghof handbook dialogue series; No. 9). Berlin: Berghof Conflict Research. [details]


    • Parlevliet, M. (2016). 2016 Max van der Stoel Human Rights Award.

    Talk / presentation

    • Parlevliet, M. (invited speaker) (5-2-2018). Lessons learned from conflict and future hope: the role of youth in conflict resolution and peace processes, UvA/Spui 25.
    • Parlevliet, M. (invited speaker) (3-9-2017). Democratie in internationaal verband, Basiskamp Entre-Nous.
    • Parlevliet, M. (speaker) (24-2-2017). Human Rights and Peacebuilding: Complementary and Contradictory, Complex and Contingent, Understanding Change in World Politics, Baltimore.
    • Parlevliet, M. (keynote speaker) (21-2-2017). Connecting Human Rights and Conflict Transformation, Quaker United Nations Office, New York.
    • Parlevliet, M. (invited speaker) (17-2-2017). Enhancing peacebuilding through considering human rights, Expert Level Discussion on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) and Sustaining Peace - Developing New Insights into Peacebuilding, Geneva.
    • Parlevliet, M. (invited speaker) (9-2-2017). Human rights and peacebuilding in times of transition: understanding the relationship., Royal Academy roundtable on "Negotiating Inclusion in Times of Transition', Edinburgh.
    • Parlevliet, M. (invited speaker) (1-12-2016). Mobilizing the Moral Imagination. Religion in the landscape of fragmentation. Public Lecture by Prof. John Paul Lederach, Professor of International Peacebuilding at University of Notre Dame (IN)., Centre for Religion, Conflict and the Public Domain.
    • Parlevliet, M. B. (speaker) (17-12-2010). Human Rights and Conflict Resolution in South Africa, Annual Meeting Netherlands Association Sociology of Law, Roosevelt Academy, University of Utrecht.
    • Parlevliet, M. B. (invited speaker) (27-9-2010). Education, Justice and Conflict Resolution, with reference to South Africa, Launch, Socionext Challenge, University of Amsterdam.


    • Parlevliet, M. (consultant) (28-8-2019 - 29-8-2019). Linking Human Rights and Peace/Conflict Transformation Work - learning and exchange workshop, PAX for peace (consultancy).
    • Parlevliet, M. (consultant) (22-5-2019 - 25-5-2019). Connecting Human Rights and Conflict Transformation. From Theory to Practice., swisspeace (consultancy).
    • Parlevliet, M. (consultant) (31-5-2017 - 2-6-2017). Training Workshop: Connecting Human Rights and Conflict Transformation - From Theory to Practice, swisspeace (consultancy).
    • Parlevliet, M. (other) (28-3-2017). Facilitating Q&A at Movies that Matter film festival with Clément Abaïfouta, Chair of the Victims Association of Crimes of Hissein Habré Regime, after screening of film 'Hissein Habré, a Chadian Tragedy.' (other).
    • Parlevliet, M. (participant) (14-12-2016). Expert Meeting on Guarantees of Non-Recurrence, and the Prevention of Mass Human Rights Violations, New York (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Parlevliet, M. (participant) (4-10-2016). Constitutional Order and Justice in Conflict-Affected Settings, Copenhagen. This international seminar examines the role of the courts, law and constitutions in fostering social transformation in conflict-affected societies. (…) (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
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  • Ancillary activities
    • Journal of Human Rights Practice
      Member Editorial Board
    • Prins Claus Fonds
      Lid adviesgroep
    • Centre For applied Human Rights
      Member International Advisory Board
    • Centre of Human Rights in Conflict
      Member International Advisory Board
    • Centre for Resolution of Int. Conflicts
      Associate Human rights and Peacebuilding Project