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dr. K.P. (Petter) Törnberg

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
GPIO : Urban Geographies

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
Postal address
  • Postbus 15629
    1001 NC Amsterdam
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  • Publications


    • Andersson, C., & Törnberg, P. (2019). Toward a Macroevolutionary Theory of Human Evolution: The Social Protocell. Biological Theory, 14(2), 86-102. [details]
    • Chiappini, L., & Törnberg, P. (2019). Deus ex machina: makerspaces in Milan and their transformative potential. In J. Kaae Fisker, L. Chiappini, L. Pugalis, & A. Bruzzese (Eds.), The Production of Alternative Urban Spaces: An International Dialogue (pp. 73-92). (Regions and Cities; Vol. 130). London: Routledge. [details]



    • Andersson, C., Törnberg, A., & Törnberg, K. P. (Accepted/In press). Wicked systems and the friction between “old theory and new data” in biology, social science and archaeology. In A. C. Love, & W. C. Wimsatt (Eds.), Beyond the Meme: Development and Structure in Cultural Evolution


    • van der Valk, I., & Törnberg, P. (2017). Monitor moslimdiscriminatie: Derde rapportage. Amsterdam: IMES, Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details]

    Talk / presentation

    • Törnberg, K. P. (speaker) (17-9-2017). The Gendered Selfie: Studying Gender on Social Media, Conference on Complex Systems. Cancun, Mexico, Cancun, Mexico.
    • Törnberg, K. P. (invited speaker) (2017). Complexity and the Social, UvA/Spui 25.
    • Törnberg, A. (invited speaker) & Törnberg, K. P. (invited speaker) (2017). Mixed-methods Digital Research: Complexity and the Digital World, DigSum at Umeå University, Sweden..
    • Törnberg, K. P. (invited speaker) (2017). The Social Complexity of Digital Data, ECCO/GBI. VUB. Brussels.
    • Chiappini, L. (invited speaker) & Törnberg, K. P. (invited speaker) (2017). Gentrification issues between North and South, East and West: Case study on gentrification processes through the lens of digital data, Politecnico di Milano, architectural department.


    • Törnberg, K. P. (organiser) (15-11-2017). “Quantitative Tools for Qualitative Analysis: Computational Social Science meets Discourse Analysis” at “European Symposium Series on Societal Challenges in Computational Social Science”, London, United Kingdom (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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  • Ancillary activities
    No known ancillary activities