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Results: 1 - 20 of 133
Results: 1 - 20 of 133
  • “Can't we leave that to the volunteers". Changing relationships between professionals and volunteers in care and welfare 

    This research, funded by multiple partners among which NICIS, analyses the shift from professionals to volunteers in social services in the Netherlands.

  • ACCEPT PLURALISM- Tolerance, pluralism and social cohesion: responding to the challenges of the 21st century in Europe

    This European FP7 funded project investigates the meanings of tolerance in a variety of contexts with a special focus on ‘what needs to be done’ actually in Europe in order to proceed to more coherent societies, while respecting ethnic, religious ...

  • Accountability in practice, Afghanistan

    This NWO/MAWG funded project assesses the effects of foreign intervention in Afghanistan.

  • Adapting European health systems to Diversity

    This European union funded action aims to promote the adoption and implementation of policies responding to this increased diversity.

  • Addressing Social, Cultural and Historical Factors Limiting the Contribution of Medical Laboratory services to antenatal care in Mali

    This NWO funded project will examine how organizational, political, sociocultural and historical factors shape the views of health policymakers and others regarding medical laboratories and how they influence the organization, service delivery ...

  • Adrift or adroit? On the sources of electoral volatility in the Netherlands, 2006-2010

    This NWO funded research project aims to fill the theoretical and empirical gaps in our knowledge on electoral volatility, employing an extensive panel data set, namely the 1Vandaag Opinion Panel since November 2006, that allows us to open the ...

  • Assessment of gender specific aspects in HIV/AIDS prevention activities for ethnic minorities in The Netherlands

    This AIDSFonds funded research conducts a systematic gender assessment of HIV/AIDS prevention activities for ethnic minorities.

  • Between the street and the state: crime and citizenship in Kingston, Jamaica

    This NWO funded Veni research studies through what social, economic and political arrangements criminal organisations take on a state-like role and become viable governance structures, especially in marginalized urban areas and amongst excluded ...

  • Building the city from home: lived-in dwelling environments as a tool for decolonizing urban studies

    This NWO funded investigation compares the conception, implementation and appropriation of planned, modern neighbourhoods in the two metropolitan areas of Lima (Peru) and Accra(Ghana).

  • Burgers maken hun buurt: democratische innovatie met behulp van een ‘design experiment'

    Funded by NICIS, ASSR, University of Twente, Ministery of Interior and Kingdom relations, and the cities Enschede, Leiden and Hengelo, this project aimed to contribute to innovative and kwalitative improvement of citizen innitiatives. The main ...

  • CERCA: Community-embedded reproductive health care for adolescents

    The FP7 funded CERCA project aims to contribute to global knowledge about how health systems can be more responsive to the sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents and, by extension, to other health needs of Latin American populations.

  • Chance2Sustain

    Chance2Sustain is an EC-funded research project (FP7). It examines how governments and citizens in cities with differing patterns of urban economic growth make use of participatory (or integrated) spatial knowledge management to direct urban ...

  • Changing institutions: An experimental study of micro-level mechanisms

    Funded by an Aspasia Grant, Klarita Gërxhani will investigate how individuals, wishing to change institutions in the organization to which they belong, set about doing so. And what determines their likelihood of success.

  • Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in Four European Countries (CILS4EU)

    The project focuses on the intergenerational integration of the children of immigrants in four selected European countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Funded within the NORFACE programme, it is the first ...

  • CIT-PART: Impact of Citizen Participation on Decision Making in a Knowledge Intensive Policy Field

    Funded by the EU (FP7), Anne Loeber will undertake a theoretical approach to conduct a comparative study on the impact of PTA and TA on policy-making in 8 european countries, the European commission, the OECD and the Holy Sea.

  • Citizenship, National Canons, and the Issue of Cultural Diversity. The Netherlands in International Perspective.

    Funded by NWO Reasearch Programme Cultural Dynamics, Forum, Oxfam and the AISSR, this project offers an empirical analysis of the 'culturalization' of citizenship in the Netherlands at three levels.

  • CLIP (Cities for Local Integration Policies)

    This European Foundation funded project compares local integration policies at the European level.

  • COHEMI: Coordinating resources to assess and improve health status of migrants from Latin America

    The EP7 funded COHEMI project aims to provide a clear understanding of the full migration cycle in relation with the health systems in Europe and Latin America and to provide in-depth insight into priority health-related aspects of LA migration.

  • CoHeRe: Developing Sustainable Community Health Resources in Poor Settings in Uganda

    NWO funded project that aims to contribute to the development of sustainable interventions that will mitigate the effects of the human resource deficit in healthcare and contribute to the achievement of the health-related Millennium Development ...

  • Coming of age in Burundi: youth's social navigation in fragile contexts

    This NWO funded research project aims to contribute to insight in local youth's experiences and to informing policy and intervention on sustainable peace-building.