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Externally funded projects

Results: 1 - 50 of 100
Results: 1 - 50 of 100
  • 3S RECIPE- Smart Shrinkage Solutions - Fostering resilient cities in inner peripheries of Europe

    This NWO ERA-NET funded research project offers the best practice and most feasible solutions to the problem of urban shrinkage – a continuous population decline affecting more than 1,500 cities all over Europe. By learning from the experience of ...

  • A Longitudinal Investigation into the Effects of Deliberative Quality of Political Debates in the Media on Political Trust in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium)

    Within the public and scholarly debate concerns have been expressed repeatedly about the negative influence of the media on the democratic process. Moving from public to media logic, ‘programs in the public interest’ are replaced by ‘programs the ...

  • A Place for the Asylum Seekers. European migration policies and their socio-spatial impacts. (PASS)

    PASS aims to assess the complicated field of discourses and practices of regulating migration flows into the EU, focusing on its socio-spatial impact since 2013, when the last Dublin III Regulation was promulgated.

  • Asylum theory for a non-ideal world

    What duties do states have towards refugees? What is the basis of such duties? And what kind of global regime is best able to protect refugees without unfairly burdening states?

  • Poster
    AuthoritarianGlobal: Authoritarianism in a Global Age: Controlling Information and Communication, Association and People Movement

    This ERC funded project investigates changes in both the nature and the sustainability of authoritarian rule in relation to the erosion of decision-making autonomy at the state level posited by globalisation theorists.

  • BEAUTY: the social shaping of beauty standards in six European countries

    Funded by an ERC Starting Grant, this project aims to study how beauty standards - perceptions of physical beauty in women and men - are socially shaped.

  • Becoming Men: Performing responsible masculinities in contemporary urban Africa

    This anthropological study examines the reconfiguration of masculinities in urban Africa over the last 30 years. Focusing on how practices and discourses of empowerment and equality shape male subjectivities, this study builds upon a significant ...

  • Between collectivization and enclosure: examining the uneven provision of clean water, waste disposal and public space in rapidly growing cities

    Why do residents in rapidly growing cities succeed or fail to secure amenities required for their health, dignity, and comfort?

  • Between institutions and social mechanisms: education and inequality in comparative perspective

    Herman van de Werfhorst's NWO Vici project studies the relation between three dimensions of a society’s educational institutional structure (tracking, standardization of examinations/tests, and the vocational specificity) and educational outcomes ...

  • Between self-regulation and formal government: the challenges of self-build housing and facilities - BESEFOGO

    A NWO and FAPESP sponsored international collaboration project between the University of Amsterdam and Universidade de São Paulo.

  • Breaking the Vicious Circle between Poverty and Ill-Health. Are cash transfers and social health protection policies in Ghana and Kenya mutually complementing?

    Social protection is increasingly considered as relevant instrument for inclusive growth. This reflects a substantial change of perspective. Good health is an important component of inclusive growth. Cash transfers and social health protection ...

  • Bridging the Gaps: Operational & Impact Research on the Health and Rights for Key HIV/AIDS Populations

    Bridging the Gaps is an international HIV programme on health and rights for LGBT people, sex workers and people who use drugs. Funded by the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bridging the Gaps is the biggest global health program of its kind.

  • BRIGHT FUTURE - Bright future for black towns: reinventing European industrial towns and challenging dominant post-industrial discourses

    The recent economic crisis has shown the problems of past developmental strategies, which have focused on large cities and have emphasized service-oriented economies as the only possible future. But the reality in Europe is that the majority of ...

  • Chemical Youth

    This ERC funded (Advanced Grant) comparative ethnography aims to understand what chemical and pharmaceutical substances, and not only illicit narcotics, ‘do’ for youths.

  • COMBATTRAUMA: From warfare to welfare: a comparative study of how combat trauma is internalized and institutionalized

    With this ERC Starting Grant Alex Edmonds will conduct an anthropological study of combat trauma in three Western nations: Israel, the United States, and the Netherlands.

  • Community Data-Loops for energy-efficient urban lifestyles (CODALoop)

    There is tremendous urgency for reducing cities’ energy footprint through behavioral change. However, we hardly know how to enable individuals to learn to use energy responsibly in their daily lives. This newly funded project combines ...

  • Confronting Obesity: Co-creating policy with youth

    Confronting Obesity: Co-creating policy with youth (CO-CREATE) will work with adolescents to create, inform and disseminate policies to tackle obesity among their peers.

  • Conscripted Volunteering: An Ethnographic Study of Community Engagement Schemes in the Israeli Military

    The research project explores the intensive implementation of ‘conscripted volunteering’ in the Israeli military.

  • CORPNET-Corporate Network Governance: Power, Ownership and Control in Contemporary Global Capitalism

    The character of global business networks has long fascinated but continues to divide scholars of global markets and governance. A well-established perspective looks at the changes in global networks and sees an emerging cohesive transnational ...

  • Crisis of trust, crisis of democracy? The consequences of low and declining political trust on the quality of representative democracy

    Low and declining political trust have been a prime concern of scholars, politicians, and opinion leaders across the globe for more than four decades. As high levels of political trust are widely assumed to be a necessary precondition for ...

  • Critical Life Events and the Dynamics of Inequality: Risk, Vulnerability, and Cumulative Disadvantage

    A research consortium led by Thomas Leopold, Associate Professor of Sociology, has been awarded € 1,5 million by the European Commission via an ERA-NET Cofund grant. The project will be situated within the programme group Institutions, ...

  • Critical Life Events and the Dynamics of Inequality: Risk, Vulnerability, and Cumulative Disadvantage

    This project studies the impact of two critical life events – job loss and union dissolution – on the life trajectories of adults and their children.

  • Interreg Europe
    CYCLEWALKMODE - Sharing best practices and experience on data collecting and processing and involvement of users in order to improve planning of cycling and walking as modes of transport in urban and functional urban areas

  • De beloften van nabijheid: een kwalitatief onderzoek naar decentralisatie van arbeidsre-integratie, jeugdzorg en langdurige zorg

    Met ingang van 2015 krijgt een grote decentralisatieoperatie haar beslag, waarbij gemeenten eerstverantwoordelijke bestuurslaag worden in het ‘sociale domein’, te weten de (arbeids)participatie, langdurige (extramurale) zorg en jeugdzorg. Dit ...

  • De Regio als Garderobe

    Programmagroep: Urban Geographies

  • De Toekomst van het Vakmanschap

    Vakmanschap heeft verschillende betekenissen. Voor de een betreft vakmanschap het ontwikkelen van goed opgeleide mensen die flexibel zijn, beschikken over ‘21st century skills’ en een bijdrage kunnen leveren aan een ‘lerende economie’. Voor de ...

  • Decentralization and bayrak Muslim youth: youth, identity and work in Pontianak (West Kalimantan)

    This NUFFIC funded study examines ‘youth paradoxes’ commonly observed in Indonesia by means of a local literature study, interviews with youth at places of work, learning, and leisure, and interviews with adults.

  • Deltas’ dealings with uncertainty: Multiple practices and knowledges of delta governance - DoUbT

    This project innovatively combines science and technology studies (STS) with the anthropology of development to interrogate how uncertainties are understood and dealt with in environmental planning.

  • Democratization through Education? The role of education in strenghtening civil agency and voice in Sub-Saharan Africa. (Case study: Uganda) - EDU-DEM

    This research project, awarded with a Marie Curie Fellowship within the European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme, aims to advance our understanding of the role of education in fostering democratization processes in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Digital Sister for Urban Youth: Using New Technology For Effective SRHR Communication for Urban Youth of Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has one of the largest youth populations in the world, with an astounding 47.6 million within the age group of 15-24. While young people are bringing about socio-economic changes they remain a highly vulnerable population segment, ...

  • Educational inequality and socio-spatial strategies of parents

    The main question of this NWO funded research project is how educational inequalities can be explained through the socio-spatial strategies of school choice of different groups of parents. To address this question, the investigator will draw on ...

  • Election Violence: Domestic and International Determinants of Election Violence

    This project, funded through a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, conceptualizes election violence as a sub-type of political violence in which actors employ coercion to affect the electoral process or that arises in the context of electoral ...

  • Ending New Infection in Swaziland: A Catalytic Model for Southern Africa (Dreamfund Postcode Loterij)

    STOP AIDS NOW! and Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) have been granted Euro 8.8 million for a Treatment Centered Prevention (TCP) project in Swaziland from 2011-2014. The project will ensure that at least 90% of those in need of treatment ...

  • EnGendering Europe’s Muslim Question

    EnGendering Europe’s Muslim Question seeks conceptualize, empirically ground, and consolidate a new way of thinking about Muslims and Islam in Western Europe.

  • Eradication: The science and politics of a world without AIDS

    This ERC funded research will conduct a multi-sited ethnography in Africa, Europe and North America on the science and politics of HIV eradication.


    How has the EU been constructed in the Middle East debate and how has the Middle East been constructed in the European debate? These questions will guide the new network on EU-Middle East relations, led by the University of Amsterdam.

  • Fickle Formulas: The Political Economy of Macroeconomic Measurement

    Macroeconomic indicators are integral to economic governance. Measurements of growth, unemployment, inflation and public deficits inform policy, for example through growth targets and the inflation-indexation of wages. These indicators tell us ...

  • Fish for Food security in city regions of India and Ghana: an inter-regional innovation project (FISH4FOOD)

    This NWO-funded research project studies the food systems that service low-income consumers in selected city regions of South Asia (India) and West Africa (Ghana), with the aim of improving their quality and scope.


    FOLLOW is a 5-year research project at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science research (AISSR) of the University of Amsterdam.

  • Forced Migration and Resettlement during Civil Wars

    Minerva Research Initiative, US Department of Defense. “Forced Migration and Resettlement during Civil Wars,” will run 2018-2021.

  • Forces that bind or divide? Muslim interventions in the public realm 1989 – 2016.

    This project focuses on Muslims as active participants in the integration debate and investigates how they have intervened in these debates about the public presence of religion and the extent to which these interventions produce ties that bind ...

  • Global Future Health: A Multi-sited Ethnography of an Adaptive Intervention

    The proposed research project is a multi-sited ethnography of an emergent global health intervention to improve nutrition in the first 1000 days of life.

  • GLOBALSPORT: Globalization, Sports and the Precarity of Masculinity

    ERC Advancced Grant for a multi-sited comparative ethnographic project that will investigate the migratory dynamics at play between selected developing countries and selected countries in the industrial world in three different sports, ...

  • Groups and Violence: A Micro-sociological Research Programme

    The Group Violence research programme aims to understand how group behaviour affects the likelihood and severity ofviolence in public space.

  • Growth, Equal Opportunities, Migration and Markets

    The GEMM project delivers an assessment of labour market inequalities of migrants and minorities in Europe.

  • Heteronormativity from within: negotiating norms and pleasure during heterosexual sex encounters

    Research on heterosex is usually conducted via self-report surveys of sexual behaviours. However, research shows that survey results are often biased, reflecting social norms that do not necessarily correspond to everyday sexual conduct.

  • Hiring On Taste: Revealing the Hidden Power of Cultural Capital within Occupational Recruitment Procedures

    This project examines the role of cultural capital within hiring processes.

  • HOUWEL: Housing markets and welfare state transformations: How family housing property is reshaping welfare regimes

    Funded through the European Research Council’s Starter’s Grant Scheme, this study is concerned with housing markets and welfare state transformations, and looks to how family housing property practices have interacted with different welfare regimes.

  • Imagining the Nation in the Classroom: A Study of the Politics of Belonging and Nationness on Sint Maarten & Sint Eustatius

    Funded by NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) this research project aims to study and compare the making and remaking of hegemonic ideologies of belonging and nationness in primary schools on Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten.

  • Improving smallholders’ food and income security by introducing non-timber forest products in reforestation schemes and tree-crop farms: A collaborative learning process in Ghana

    Employing a gender-sensitive and stepwise collaborative learning approach, this project seeks to integrate nutritious shade-tolerant non-timber forest products (NTFPs) (black pepper, grains of paradise and honey) in Ghana’s modified taungya ...