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ERC Grants

European Research Council Starting and Advanced Grants

The European Research Council (ERC) stimulates high-quality research in Europe by making funds available and supporting ground-breaking research. The ERC mainly honours applications for research that bridges the boundaries of various disciplines, explores ideas in new, emerging research areas or seeks solutions using an unconventional and innovative approach.

The ERC distributes grants and scholarships on the basis of an open contest for projects undertaken by new as well as experienced researchers, regardless of their nationality or age. Only one single criterion applies and that is: research excellence.

A number of AISSR researchers have been awarded ERC Starting, Advanced and Consolidated Grants in recent years, which are worth up to €1.5 million, €2 million and €2.5 million respectively:


Consolidator Grant

  • Shanshan Lan (Moving Matters: People, Goods, Power and Ideas)
    The reconfiguration of whiteness in China - Privileges, precariousness, and racialized performances 


Advanced Grant

  • Prof. Dennis Rodgers (Governance and Inclusive Development)
    Gangs, Gangsters, and Ganglands: Towards a Global Comparative Ethnography

Starting Grants

  • Dr Gijs Schumacher (Political Science)
    Politics and Emotions Investigated Comparatively
  • Dr Emily Yates-Doerr (Anthropology of Health, Care and the Body)
    Global Future Health: A Multi-Sited Ethnography of an Adaptive Intervention


Consolidated Grant

  • Prof. Marieke de Goede (Political Science)
    FOLLOW-Finance/Security practice after 9/11: Following the Money from Transaction to Trial
  • Dr Don Weenink (Sociology)
    GROUPVIOLENCE: Groups and violence. A micro-sociological research programme 


​Advanced Grant

  • Prof. Matthijs Kalmijn (Sociology)
    Family Complexity: Intergenerational Reproduction and Solidarity in an Era of Family Complexity

Consolidated Grant

  • Prof. Hein de Haas (Sociology)
    MADE: Migration as Development
  • Dr Eileen Moyer (Anthropology)
    Becoming Men: Performing Responsible Masculinities in Contemporary Urban Africa

Starting Grants

  • Dr Eelke Heemskerk (Political Science)
    Corporate Network Governance: Power, Ownership and Control in Contemporary Global Capitalism
  • Dr Daniel Mügge (Political Science)
    The Global Politics of Macroeconomic Measurement 


Consolidated Grant

  • Dr Amade M’charek (Anthropology)
    Race Matter: On the Absent Presence of Race in Forensic Identification (RaceFaceID)
  • Dr Vinh-Kim Nguyen MD (Anthropology) 
    Eradication: the Science and Politics of ‘A World Without AIDS'   

Starting Grants

  • Dr. Rivke Jaffe (Anthropology) 
    Transforming Citizenship through Hybrid Governance: The Impacts of Public-Private Security Assemblages
  • Dr. Barak Kalir  (Anthropology)
    The Social Life of State Deportation Regimes: Implementation Practices in Israel, Greece and Ecuador 


Advanced Grants

  • Prof. Marlies Glasius (Political Science) 
    Authoritarianism in a Global Age: Controlling Information and Communication, Association and People Movement
  • Prof. Anita Hardon (Anthropology)
    ChemicalYouth - What chemicals do for youths in their everyday lives
  • Prof. Annelies Moors (Anthropology)
    Problematizing 'Muslim Marriages’: Ambiguities and Contestations

 Starting Grant

  • Alex Edmonds (Anthropology)
    COMBATTRAUMA: From warfare to welfare: a comparative study of how combat trauma is internalized and institutionalized
  • Manuel Aalbers (Urban Geography) 
    REFCOM:The Real Estate/Financial Complex


Advanced Grant

  • Prof. Niko Besnier (Anthropology) 
    Globalization, Sports and the Precarity of Masculinity 

Starting Grants

  • Dr Maria Koinova (Political Science)
  • Dr Richard Ronald (Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies)
  • Dr Jarett Zigon (Anthropology)
  • Dr Caroline de Wilde (Sociology)
  • Dr Maurice Crul (Sociology)


Starting Grants

  • Dr Daniela Grunow (Sociology)


Advanced Grant

  • Prof. Annemarie Mol (Anthropology)

Starting Grant

  • Prof. Giselinde Kuipers (Sociology)