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Lecture by Prof. Pinar Bilgin (Bilkent University) ACES Visiting Scholar

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Date 6 June 2019
Time 15:00 - 17:00
Pinar Bilgin
Pinar Bilgin

There is increasing awareness of the Eurocentric legacy of the social sciences. Efforts designed to render our studies less Eurocentric are abounding. What Eurocentrism entails in the study of ‘Europe’ is not entirely clear—either to students of European Studies or their anti-Eurocentric critics.

Pinar Bilgin will start her lecture by asking the question in the title from within her own field of Security Studies: 'Is Eurocentrism a concern when studying security in Europe?' During this lecture, she will answer this question by distinguishing different faces of Eurocentrism and identifying their relevance for the study of security in Europe.

By using Edward Said’s method of ‘contrapuntal reading’  she will highlight a method of studying security in Europe in a non-Eurocentric manner. The illustration used as a case study is the so-called ‘migration crisis in the Mediterranean’.


About the speaker

Pınar Bilgin is Professor of International Relations at Bilkent University. She specialises in critical approaches to International Relations and security. She is the author of Regional Security in the Middle East: A Critical Perspective (2005; 2nd ed. 2019), The International in Security, Security in the International (2016) and co-editor of Routledge Handbook of International Political Sociology (With Xavier Guillaume, 2017), Asia in International Relations: Unthinking Imperial Power Relations (with L.H.M. Ling, 2017). Prof. Bilgin is currently Associate Editor of International Studies Quarterly. Pinar Bilgin is ACES Visiting Scholar for the Europe in the World Theme Group in June 2019.


This lecture is part of the ACES Visiting  Scholar Program.

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