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ACES Affiliates recently published their newest book 'European Issues'. The book discusses different 'issues' within the EU which explain the story and the functioning of the EU.

Boekcover Het functioneren van de EU

The European Union is changing rapidly. Within and outside her borders - and everywhere in between - changes are happening, which will influence all of us in the coming years. 'European issues' presents in 45 'issues' a broad image of the history, structure and challenges of the EU like we know her nowadays.  Within 300 pages and 50 maps, you can find the much-needed background and interpretation for this election year, and all the years to come. 

ACES, Amsterdam Centre for European studies, affiliates Virginie Mamadouh and Herman van der Wusten collaborated to publish this joint effort in an important year of the EU Elections. 


Virginie Mamadouh is Associate Professor of Political and Cultural Geography at the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies. Her research interests pertain to (critical) geopolitics, political culture, European integration, (urban) social movements, transnationalism, and multilingualism. For the past 25 years, her work on the political and cultural geographies of languages has been focused on Europe and the European Union. 

Herman van der Wusten is  Emeritus Professor of Political Geography at the University of Amsterdam. From this convenient position, he watches the EU and all her facets closely. He shares his insights in nuances articles and other kinds of publications.