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Amanda Friessen will be visiting scholar during the academic year of 2019 - 2020. She is invited as collaboration between ARC-GS and the ACES theme groups Diverse Europe, European politics and Society.

Amanda Friesen will be Visiting Scholar,  at the Amsterdam Research Center on Gender & Sexuality/Challenges to Democratic Representation Programme Group (2019-20) and ACES Theme groups Diverse Europe and European Politics & Society.  During her visit there will be multiple lectures, masterclasses and seminars and she will write blogs for the website of ARC-GS. 

Amanda Friesen is Associate Professor of Political Science, Research Fellow/Project Director, Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture and Adjunct Faculty, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University IUPUI. 

Her research focuses on three contributions 1) explore the foundations and origins of human social behavior; 2) examine the influence of biology and the environment on the interaction between identity, dispositions, and political orientations; and (3) integrate theories, methods, and technologies to bridge the disciplinary silos that sometimes inhibit the advancement of science. Her academic interstes centers around American politics, political psychology, religion and politics, gender and politics, behaviorial genetics, and biology and politics. 

Send Amanda an email if you are interested in meeting with her.