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ACES Governing Board member Roel Beetsma has been appointed chair of the 'Commissie Europese Economie', which will explore and formulate options for European financial and economic policy with the aim of making the EU economy more stable and resilient.

The committee wil produce its analysis by 1 July 2021. The responsible ministries are Finance and Foreign Affairs. Other members of the committee are Hans van Baalen (former MEP for the VVD), Gita Salden (BNG), Johan Graafland (Tilburg University), Lex Hoogduin (ex-DNB, LCH Clearnet), Barbara Baarsma (Rabo and UvA) and Catherine de Vries (Bocconi. 

Because of this assignment, Roel Beetsma will step down as member of the ACES Governing Board. His successor is professor Ans Kolk of the Amsterdam Business School. She is Professor of at the Section Strategy & International Business of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and Theme Group Leader of Socio-Economic Challenges