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The interdisciplinary field of the history of sexuality has undergone significant transformations over the last two decades. From university courses, collections and journals to public educational curricula, television series, and podcasts, historians of sexuality have acquired a central role in discussions of queer experiences in the past. Some of these discussions have started to re-center trans, queer of color, and non-Western existences, challenging the axioms of the history of sexuality. Others have highlighted the role of collective memory, fleshy sexual experiences, and kinship in historicizing sex. These themes open up exciting lines of research in the field of the history of sexuality, but they also point at tensions, contradictions, and room for debate.

Event details of New Frontiers in the History of Sexuality
Date 24 November 2022
Time 15:15 -17:30

What is the future of the history of sexuality? What remains “sexual” about it? What are the tensions inherent in some of the new developments in the field? How do trans* and queer of color critiques challenge the Western-centric tenets of the field? How to go beyond US-centric understandings of the history of sexuality?

Complementing Patricio Simonetto’s lecture at ARC-GS, “Inverting Sex: A History of Gender Transgressions in Early Twentieth-Century Argentina,” this workshop offers researchers and advanced graduate students a platform to continue the discussion started in Dr. Simonetto’s lecture and to present their own work in progress.


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