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Critical Perspectives on Governance by Sustainable Development Goals: Water, Food and Climate Interrelations


In September 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Goals to end poverty and to protect the planet, as part of a new sustainable development agenda in which urban issues play a vital role. In 2016, the first CSDS Conference dealt with all these Goals, whereas the subsequent (MARE) conference focused on SDG 14 and maritime governance.

In 2018, the CSDS will organize its third Conference from 25-27 June 2018. In the year that marks the beginning of the UN’s International Decade for Action ‘Water for Sustainable Development’, the Conference will specifically focus on SDG 6 Water, in connection to SDG 2 Food and SDG 13 Climate - three of the 17 Goals adopted.

The aim of the 2018 Conference is to mobilize scholars, policy makers and civil society to share their perspectives on how best to achieve these Goals by 2030. The Conference will critically review these three Goals and their potential for mobilizing the world to more equitable and environmentally sustainable futures. It will discuss and develop strategies for future research, teaching and practice emanating from the establishment of these goals, targets and indicators.

Additional information will be posted on the CSDS website shortly.

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